Cotswold Wedding Photographer Dafydd Hughes

Hi. I am Dafydd Hughes. I thank my parents for blessing me with a rich Welsh name, but it does cause much confusion (not so much now that we have Little Britain!). Most people opt to call me ‘Dav.

I was born near Pontypool in South Wales in 1971. At the age of 18 I left home to attend University, and I eventually settled in the Cotswolds (via the Wirral, Berkshire, North Yorkshire and Bristol).

I have an unrivalled passion for photography and interest in most forms of the subject. I do however specialise in weddings and portraits.

Dafydd Hughes Wedding and Portrait Photographer

I love working with people and hence my love for portraits and weddings. I still get excited at the thought of photographing a wedding – just as much now as I did for my first wedding. Before each wedding I pinch myself, and think “I get to photograph people all day“.

That’s a little bit about me. What about you? Drop me a line or give me a bell if you want your special memories captured. I really would love to hear from you.